Friday, December 3, 2010

Lab 6, Merry Christmas St. Mary's!

The theme for the last week of lab was Christmas. The kids really enjoyed this theme ad were very excited to see us back there. This week I was in the cafeteria group. So it started out with me going downstairs and working with the kids I the cafeteria. Professor Yang brought a electronic game that Justen and I were trying to get the kids to play. They really liked the game but there was one big problem with teaching in the cafeteria. The floor downstairs is very slippery and the kids are permitted from running around.  This was a serous dilemma because we are trying to teach kids how be physically active but they can’t run around.  I understand why they shouldn’t run around downstairs but me ad Justen had to come up with away for them to get exercise. So we set up the game so they had to power walk, or just walk fast. Many of the kids kept trying to run but we had to remind them that the floor was slippery and that they could get hurt. After we spent about a hour downstairs we went up into the gym. There was a girl’s basketball practice on half of the gym. We set up a basketball game where both the kids and the teachers were involved. The kids enjoyed it while we were playing but eventually there were to many kids on half of a gym to continue. It is sad that the St. Mary’s experience is over. I had a lot of fun there and learned a lot about teaching. The time flew by when I was there. I would love to work there next semester or some time in the future. It was a really great experience.

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