Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Developmental Physical education.

Physical education is supposed to teach kids how their body moves, and how to control. With time physical education should progress and all your motor skills you learned at a young age, running, jumping, hopping should help you with activities that involve multiple movements. The physical education setting should be social and safe for the children. The main goals of physical education is to learn movement skills and enhance physical activity and these skills. It is also important to improve learning as a whole and contribute to growth as humans. My own physical education program didn't really do any of these things. Since I was in 6th grade we pretty much did the same routine. The same activities every fall, winter and spring. There was no flexibility and because of this my PE failed me.I think I missed out on some activities that I have learned in Cortland. We never did gymnastics, tennis, self defense, dance, or even hockey. Everyone hated PE in my high school because we did the same activities year after year. Even from this picture I found on the internet it is clear that PE programs have become so sports oriented that many programs only do basketball, football, volleyball and sports instead of mixing it up. This is not going to get every kid involved, what if you don't like basketball, baseball, and sports then your not going to enjoy PE. Needs to be more flexibility, have activities like rock climbing, dance, gymnastics instead of team sports.

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