Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lab 1, Wow PE is fun!

I really enjoyed my experience in lab. It was really fun interacting with the kids and playing with them. The students had a lot of energy and it seemed like they were all having a lot of fun. The students skill range varied depending on age and gender. Every kid i observed seemed to have basic running, hopping and jumping skills down. The older the kids were the more advanced they were. I also noticed that the older they were the more they played sports like basketball and soccer where the little kids mainly play tag, house and a variety of games with action figures. I was a little nervous how the kids would react to us being there. When I first walked in I heard a few comments from the kids. They said like "who are these people.'' and different comments like that. But all the kids I had the chance to work with were very easy going and didn't give me a hard time.  I know that there will be some kids who will not be as easy to work with, i am excited for the challenge of getting them to do activities and have a good time just like everyone else. 

I interacted with a lot of different kids on Wednesday's lab. I played basketball with a 4th grader named Ashley. I played tag outside with Chris and a number of other kids who got involved once he saw we were playing. I also Played house with Sarah and some other young girls. It was a lot of fun interacting with all the kids. I played with more kids but I am having a hard time remembering all their names. Next class I am going to really try to remember all the kids names that I interact with.

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