Sunday, September 19, 2010

When is it too young?

It is only natural for parents to push sports such as baseball, lacrosse on to their children at a young age. It has almost become a tradition to teach sports that we love to our children. Fathers just love the thought of having a catch with their sons or daughter's, it is a fun and enjoyable thing for parents to do. Participating in sports that involve using a stick could be detrimental to children if they start too young. Most children muscles aren’t developed enough to catch and throw effectively until at least age 6. Before using sticks in sports children should effectively learn how their bodies move and how to control their movements. Kids shouldn’t be so sports oriented at a young age. They need to develop and learn how to effectively move. Playing baseball and playing lacrosse involves being more coordinated and involves the whole body. I think it is detrimental to kid’s health to participate in these sports to early.
This article talks about what age children should start participating in sports.

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