Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Lab 2 make up lab.

On Monday I had to make up St. Mary's lab. I was injured when the lab took place and was unable to attend do to my ankle injury. This lab was one of the funnest ones yet. Lab started out with the gym group doing there games while we studied one students movement skills. The gym group did a great job, there were over 30 kids in the group and they really kept them entertained for the whole time. The kids loved the thanksgiving theme and were very excited to play our games. after this I went to work with the Pre-K group. It was a very nice day out so all the kids were very happy to play outside. We played random games with the kids. After playing outside we went inside were the kids ate a snack. Once inside Becky red the kids a nice book about thanksgiving. While she was entertaining the kids, Me and Andrew set up his activity. His game involved a boat (the mayflower) and land (Plymouth rock). The kids were to use the scooters to get from the boat to the rock and once they were there they were to dribble a basketball over to the side. There they would grab a piece of food and carry over to the table. It was a very fun activity for the Pre-k. I think all the kids really enjoyed there games. 

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