Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving lab 5

Lab 5 was a very fun learning experience.  This week I was in the Gym group which meant that I had to teach my game in front of all my peers and Professor Yang. Right from the start of lab we had to deal with some adversary. The St. Mary's basketball team had practice after school which left us with only half of the gym. After this the 2nd graders were supposed to get half of our half. So when it was our turn to teach we only had a quarter of the gym. This is something that PE teachers have to deal with on a regular basis. The game I taught was Thanksgiving treasure hunt. I put pictures of turkeys, Pilgrims, and Native Americans under poly spots. Then I put Three posters up in different areas of the gym. The pictures on the poster board matched the pictures under the poly spot. When I said Go the kids were to run around the gym. Once I said find the treasure the kids were to dribble 10 times on the poly spot, look underneath the poly spot and then take the treasure to the matching poster. The game went really well and the kids enjoyed the game. The posters and pictures really got the kids attention and kept them entertained. If we had music it would have made the game a lot better but I still think that it went good. It just makes it easier to use music as a cue to start activity. I forgot to bring a Ipod so I had to use my voice to cue the kids when to start and finish activity.  

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